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The Real Dangers Of Falling On Ice- How To Prevent Them?

how to walk on ice without slipping?

Did you know that nearly a million people get injured by falling and slipping on ice or icy surfaces every year on average? And out of these, about 17000 to 19000 turn fatal every year. It is not easy to walk on ice and snow with constant temperature variation. However, you can avoid the real dangers of falling on ice and prevent them from retaking.

What Are The Real Dangers Of Falling On Ice?

The biggest threat of falling on ice is to your spine and backbone. You can heal some of these injuries in the short term, but they do not go away. Every injury can have severe consequences in the future, and it is our responsibility to save ourselves from getting hurt. It would help if you protected your wrist and arm from getting fractured because when you walk on ice and snow, the first danger lies on these parts. The risk of injury from a slip and fall is avoidable only if we follow a few specific steps.

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How To Walk On Ice Without Slipping?

  • Penguin Walk

While it may seem funny at first, it’s an effective way to walk on ice without slipping. One step at a time, balance yourself with your hands spread out and keep your feet slightly apart to walk safely.

  • Wear Slip-Resistant Boots

Wearing slip-resistant boots is one of the safest ways to walk on ice and snow. It helps to keep a firm grip on the icy surface and saves you from mounting medical expenses in the future. Buy good quality boots or invest in rubber sole spikes that you can wear on top of your sneakers and walk on ice without slipping.

  • Use A Traction Product

Keep a traction product, such as Walk on Ice, handy with you. You can spread it wherever you go and walk on ice and snow without fearing a slip or a fall. It sticks to the ground as well as black ice, helping you maintain a steady balance. Its anti-skid formula allows you to reduce the chances of falling on icy surfaces. It is eco-friendly and does not harm the concrete or foliage in any way. It cuts through the ice and remains intact for many hours.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

  • Patches Of Clear Ground

You must avoid walking on seemingly harmless patches of ice. It is only a matter of time till you realize you might lose your balance and fall. So please stay clear of dicey patches of clear ground or ice; instead, go around it.


While there are several ways to protect yourself from the perils of falling on ice, you can walk on ice and snow with these proven methods. Unfortunately, accidents are unavoidable, but doing your best is the only way to move forward. The real dangers of falling on ice and snow lie in getting injured for life.

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