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The Dangers Of Black Ice For Drivers

driving on ice tips

Black ice is a thin layer of clear ice that forms on roads in freezing weather. Because it’s transparent, it can be difficult to spot. Black ice can occur at temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit and shows up when moisture or water falls onto the road and freezes quickly. The phenomenon happens most often during snowstorms, but can happen any time there is precipitation on the ground.

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Driving On Ice Tips

Water On Roadways Freezes Much Faster Than Air Temperature.

When water freezes, it expands. This means that when it comes in contact with a road surface or car, it can create cracks and dents. As the ice expands, it will crack and break apart the road surface underneath.

The key thing to remember about black ice is that it forms on roads that are clear of snow or slush. It forms at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) and looks like black pavement until you’re driving over it—then you realize there’s something wrong with your tires because they don’t grip anymore!

Black Ice Is Often Clear.

The most important thing to remember about black ice is that it’s not actually black. It’s clear and can often be invisible to the naked eye, even when the road surface looks dry or shiny.

Black ice may look like wet pavement, but it’s a completely different substance altogether. 

Black ice forms when water seeps into cracks in concrete and then freezes upon contact with colder air temperatures. The result is a smooth, slippery surface that often looks nothing like ice at all—which makes it especially dangerous for drivers because they’re unable to identify its presence until they’re already driving over it!

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If You Cross Over A Patch Of Black Ice, Don’t Panic.

Another driving on ice tips- If you do slide on black ice, remember to maintain your car stay upright. If a vehicle is sliding straight ahead and nothing else is around, the best thing to do is just let it go. Don’t brake or turn in an attempt to stop your car. It will slow down eventually, but there’s no way to make sharp turns when your tires have no traction on ice.

If possible, slow down as much as you can before reaching a patch of black ice (make sure there are no cars behind you!) and avoid swerving into another lane at all costs. If you cannot slow down quickly enough and cannot avoid crossing over into another lane then steer in the direction of the slide—this will help keep control of your vehicle until friction returns.


Traction Magic – Traction For Tires In Snow

You can also use a product called Traction Magic by Gaia Enterprise for increased snow traction for tires. This product helps you get traction in the snow and ice by adding a layer of non-slippery granules to your tires, so they don’t skid on the slippery ice layer. Traction Magic granules are like snow grippers for tires that provide immediate traction. The tiny spiky granules of the traction agent bite through the ice’s surface. Meanwhile, the absorber granules soak up the surface water that makes ice slick.

You can spray or rub the granules on your car tires before driving in the freezing rain. It’ll help provide extra grip when you need it the most.

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Hope you liked these driving on ice tips. If you’re driving and you see what looks like black ice, stop immediately. If possible, turn on your hazard lights and call for help. Don’t try to navigate a black ice patch. If there are no other cars around, it might be wise to get out of the vehicle and walk around until help arrives.

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