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Salt On Business Premises: Positives And Negatives

organic salt free deicer

The pimp juice traction ingredients are such that they stick to the surface and create a better grip on your car’s wheels. All you need to do is pour the greenish juice on the rear wheel tires and burn a hole with the tires, moving forward in speed. It remains on the surface of your tires and helps you move through any icy surface.

With homemade and chloride-based products in the market, keeping a few basic dos and don’ts in mind using even the most common ingredients is advisable.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Positives Of Salt On Business Premises

1. It is freely available and quite economical compared to other ice melt products for traction driving.

2. You can procure it from any retail store or even online.

3. It is easy to apply, and you can use it in bulk to create traction driving or walking.

4. It is economical and hence many business premises prefer it over other ingredients.

5. It converts snow into brine, thus making it easy to shovel or remove with the help of a mini loader.

Negatives Of Salt On Business Premises

1. Excessive use of salt on business premises leaves a whitish residue on the concrete.

2. It is highly corrosive on concrete and causes immense damage to metal surfaces too.

3. Extended exposure to salt rusts metal over time, causing it to become obsolete and of no value.

4. It damages the landscape and foliage around too.

5. Excessive salt in the soil does not allow plants to absorb the natural minerals present in the soil.

6. Excessive salt in the waterways destroys aquatic life and affects the growth of fishes and other water animals.

7. It kills the oxygen level in the water because salt absorbs the water oxygen. (Remember the Dead Sea!) 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

How Does Traction Magic Help You?

Traction Magic is an all-natural, eco-friendly product comprising volcanic rocks with seven minerals with a brownish color. It is not an ice melt but is mainly used for traction driving and walking on icy surfaces. It is pet-friendly and eco-friendly and does not damage the foliage at all. The best thing about Traction Magic is that it does not clog the drains and doubles as a fertilizer.

You can spread Traction Magic evenly on your business premises after shoveling excess snow off the surface. It will help you avoid slipping and falling on slippery surfaces, thus saving you from the medical expenditure.


While there are various ice products, including the popular pimp juice traction ingredients, you must be careful while using your ice melt products, especially salt. Even though it seems like a lucrative option, you must not use salt on concrete, new concrete, or near metal equipment to prevent it from rusting.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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