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Pet Safe Ice Melt


Do you drive, bike, or walk on snow during winter? If you’ve ever engaged in any of these activities, then you must have realized that it’s virtually impossible to garner sufficient dexterity to safely move on snow because of the slippery nature of ice. It’s common to slip-and-slide in this season. But how can you prevent such problems, and guarantee the safety of your loved ones and property? Traction Magic is your perfect solution, and here is how it works and why you need some for the winter season.


Slipping and sliding on snow or ice are common causes of most winter falls and accidents, which often lead to injuries or property damage. Traction or the capacity of your wheel or foot to hold the ground surface without slipping or sliding reduces significantly in winter. As a result, your ability to walk, drive, or bike is greatly hampered because the ground becomes slippery and hard to grip. How then can you have safe winter biking, driving, and walking?


Traction Magic as your anti-slip and slide solution


Traction Magic is a product with a dual granule system made from natural crystalline granules, which work as moisture absorbers and grippers. This popular product from Gaia Enterprises Incorporation was developed in 2015. It enhances immediate improvement of traction on sidewalks, decks, steps, and driveways by increasing friction between the ground surface and your tires or footwear. The improved grip on the ground surface helps you in making accurate maneuvers during driving, walking, or biking, and thus improving your safety.


How does Traction Magic Work?


Firstly, the absorbing ingredients in the product’s formulation absorb the liquid layer on the surface of the snow. This action reduces the liquid layer’s ability to make the ice surface more slippery. Secondly, the grippers in the product embed their granules on the ice sheet using their spike-like ends. The same spike-like ends help in improving traction by creating friction between the ground surface and your tires and footwear. The improved traction betters your ability to drive, bike, and walk because of improved manoeuvrability.


What are the Pros of using Traction Magic?


· Traction Magic is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t
contain corrosive chemicals and salts, which can damage concrete, plants,
stone, or bricks.


· Unlike salt-based ice-melters, which have to melt ice to improve
traction, Traction Magic creates immediate traction improvement on ice surfaces
upon application.


· The product works in virtually all temperature levels


· The product is easy to apply and safe for pets, humans, property,
and plant life.


· The product is odorless, non-self-igniting, stable under normal conditions,
and insoluble.


· You can get a prompt shipment delivery in 2-3 business days from
various retailers including PetCo, Big-Y, Pet Supermarket, Tisol, Aubochon
Hardware, and PetValu among others.


Traction Magic is an anti-slip and slide product, which is 100% natural. The product provides instant improvement on traction, and it is child-safe, pet safe ice melt, and environmentally friendly. Stay safe this winter by using Traction Magic to prevent slips and falls that may cause injuries and property damage.

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