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Better Grip over Icy Surfaces


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly material to give you a better grip over icy surfaces? Do you wish to protect your family from skids and falls during the winter? Get yourself Traction Magic.

What is it?

Traction magic is made using a special formula to give you maximum skid protection on slippery ice. The ice control technology gives you, your family, and your car freedom from skids. It can be used on sidewalks and driveways to keep people and pets safe. It is an all-natural product and does not contain chemicals, dyes, and salts that tend to damage property and plants.

How does it work?

Traction magic uses a unique granule system consisting of natural crystals. These absorb and provide a strong grip. It works in two ways. First, it helps to suck up any liquid from the surface of the ice. Next, spike-like granules pierce through the surface of the ice and embed within them. This gives you extra traction and prevents skids and slips. It is safe to be used around humans and pets. It also keeps materials such as concrete, stone, and bricks safe and free from corrosion.

Who makes it?

Traction Magic is one of Gaia Enterprise’s flagship products. It was made as a safe alternative to chemical-based anti-slip products. It is all-natural and contains natural crystals that are environmentally friendly. It is child and pet safe and can be used on sidewalks and pathways without damaging property.

The company’s mission is to create products that are environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and sustainable. Tractions magic is one of the best ice control products on the market and also versatile in application.

Is Gaia a good company?

Gaia has been in business since the mid-90s and was founded by Mr. Greenwald. He began work on Safe Paw in 1995 and came up with an all-natural ice melter free from salts, after noticing sores on his pet’s paws. The product was patented soon after and made commercially available. It is now sold worldwide as one of the safest ice melters.

Are there other products?

Yes, Gaia also makes Safe Paw, a revolutionary ice melter. It has been quite popular since 1998. It is free from salts that can damage property, environment, and not safe for people and pets. It can be safely used for homes, schools, construction sites, offices, and buildings.

Who should buy it?

It is ideal for homeowners, offices, schools, properties, construction sites, and businesses! It is easy to use and will give you instant protection. Once the ice control is applied, the patent-pending technology will spring into action and absorb surface liquids and create a unique grip. So, use it before you take your car out and on sidewalks and porches so that you, your children, and pets can walk out with ease.

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