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How To Free Your Car From An Ice Patch?

car stuck on ice in driveway

While driving in winter weather, you constantly run the danger of becoming trapped. The last thing you want is to be stranded in poor weather and have no idea what to do. Most people try to accelerate and plow through, but this rarely succeeds. Instead, it spins the wheels, digging the automobile deeper into the pit until they finally bottom out. There are several better options for getting your automobile unstuck from an ice patch. You can safely drive or go for walking on thin ice or any snowy surface with the right ice melt product.

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Let’s know more about driving safely on an icy patch.

  • Practice 

The first lesson is to become familiar with the concepts we’re presenting, which requires practice. Then, get to know your automobile better and understand how to drive in bad weather. Finally, don’t put off learning how to drive in terrible weather until the snowstorm of the century strikes. 

  • Clearing A Path 

Dig snow away from the tires. To move the automobile back and forth, you’ll need to clear a few feet in front of and behind the tires. It is especially critical if your tires haven’t been winterized.

The best method of clearing the path is using an effective ice melt. Avoid using chlorides as they will damage your vehicle and driveway. A salt-free, quick-action ice melt will remove the snow without much effort.

  • Recognize The Circumstances 

You need to know about the conditions before you travel anywhere. Numerous driver-focused websites provide information on the requirements of popular off-road routes.

  • Know How To Tow A Vehicle 

Towing is necessary to get out of a snowdrift or ditch. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a tow strap in your car or truck, as well as to read the owner’s manual to learn about your vehicle’s tow points. 

  • Start Rocking 

Switch back and forth movement of your vehicle carefully. It can help dislodge some of the snow from around your wheels. Giving you some area free from snow barriers.

  • Don’t Slam On The Brakes

If you’re stranded in the snow or ice, you’ll be tempted to floor it, but don’t. Instead, take it softly on the gas pedal for a few seconds to give the vehicle a boost, then let off. 

  • Give Traction

If you still can’t move your automobile free, try gaining traction underneath your wheels. You can opt for a safe ice melt with a traction agent. Put a few handfuls of this ice melt under your tires for better traction, then hit the gas again. It will also help you while walking on clear ice.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


Drivers are at risk of becoming trapped in snow, ice, or mud as the weather turns colder and we get snow, sleet, or rain. Preparing your car – and yourself – for winter is one of the first and most significant things you can do to avoid becoming trapped. 
Even walking on clear ice is full of dangers of slip and fall. Be ready with a salt-free, natural ice melt with traction agents to avoid such unwanted incidents.

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