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How To Drive Safely On Black Ice?

Ice Traction For Tires

A thin, translucent film of ice covering a segment of the road is known as black ice. Because it is clear, it appears black, and what you see underneath is black pavement. The ice film is sometimes imperceptible to the naked eye due to its thinness. It makes it particularly risky for unsuspecting motorists. Providing ice traction for tires is the best technique to maintain safety while driving in icy places. 

Here are some suggestions for driving on black ice safely.

Refrain from slamming on the brakes. 

Our instinct is to stop the car or slam the brakes as soon as it starts to swerve, doing so will cause you to lose control and slide. Instead of braking, gently ease off the gas and tap the brakes gently to slow down. 

Maintain a straight steering wheel

Keep your steering wheel straight to avoid drifting off the road or into oncoming vehicles. Make sure you do not overcorrect on your steering wheel as you start to drift one way or the other. 

Decelerate or shift to a lower gear to slow down 

To slow down, gradually let go of the gas pedal. Your vehicle will have more control if you shift to a lower gear.

Use instant ice traction for tires.

There are many traction devices for winter driving. The best and easiest way to provide traction to your tires is by using a natural, chemical-free instant traction agent – Traction Magic. It is easy to carry and use. You can rub it on your car’s tires or spread it on slippery areas. The two-way traction effect of this mineral-based traction agent is enough to keep you and your car safe from slipping. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Maintain your composure. 

While it may be easier said than done, remaining calm, cool, and collected will benefit you in safely navigating the stretch of black ice. Pull over into a safe portion of the road or highway if you find yourself in a tense position, take a few deep breaths to regain your composure, and continue driving. 

Practice and familiarise yourself with the use of your brakes. 

Practice is the most effective strategy to improve your winter driving abilities. You may practice your winter driving skills in an empty parking lot. This practice will help you get a feel for how your car reacts to quick braking on ice. It will help you a lot while you drive on slippery roads in the winter months.


Bridges and overpasses are some of the places where you can commonly find the black ice. Hence, you need extra precautions in these regions. Black ice can form in any location where water can run over the road surface, such as at the bottom of a slope, a backed-up catch basin, or a snow runoff region. Try to avoid black ice patches and make sure to provide snow traction

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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