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How To Drive Safely In Freezing Rain

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If you’re like me and live in a cold climate, you know that freezing rain can make for some dangerous driving conditions. If the precipitation is light and not steady enough to cause a pile-up on the highway, it can still create hazards for drivers by creating slick roads and black ice. Worst of all, you may be able to notice them only after they’ve already frozen into ice. To help keep yourself safe during this time of year, here are some tips:

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Wait Until The Freezing Rain Stops Before You Drive

If you can wait until the freezing rain stops before you drive. The icy roads will be very slippery and dangerous to drive on. You also want to give yourself time after the freezing rain passes over your region so that any ice on the road has melted or cleared away by plows.

If you must get out in freezing rain, drive slowly and carefully! It is critical for a driver to be careful when there are slick conditions like this because ice can accumulate on your car’s tires or undercarriage and cause loss of control if it is not removed before driving again. 

Avoid Stopping If Possible

If you have to stop, shift your car into the park or neutral and apply the parking brake. Avoid braking or accelerating quickly when you start driving again. Brake slowly and gently; let up on the brake as soon as you can, but keep it down for several seconds longer than normal. It is because slippery roads make it harder for tires to grip the road surface, so applying too much pressure will cause skidding that could lead to a loss of control of your vehicle.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Install Snow Tires

First and foremost, drive slowly. When your car is moving slowly, it has more time to stop when it hits a slippery patch of road.

In addition to slowing down and braking gently, you should also consider using snow tires to get more snow traction for cars. Snow tires have large blocks of tread that grip the road better than regular all-season or summer tires do in snowy conditions. 


Increase Your Following Distance

The first thing you should do when driving in freezing rain increases your following distance. You’ll want to give yourself at least two car lengths between you and the car in front of you. If there’s another vehicle behind you, add another car length for them as well.

As a general rule, if the pavement is wet, it takes longer for tires to grip the road and stop your vehicle safely. It means that if there’s water on the road surface or if other conditions are making it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles on slick surfaces (like snow or ice), then driving with more space between vehicles will help protect other drivers in case they skid or lose control of their cars.

Avoid Using Cruise Control

Cruise control is usually safe to use. However, when it’s raining hard, it can be dangerous. If you need to brake or accelerate while using cruise control, turn off the cruise control first and then actuate your brakes or accelerator carefully.

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Don’t Turn Off The Traction Control On Your Vehicle

Turning off the traction control isn’t a good idea. Traction control is designed to prevent skidding, spinning, loss of control, and the loss of traction and stability. The system prevents your car from losing its grip on the road by identifying when wheel spin is occurring, then applying the brakes to individual wheels to limit their speed. If you do decide to turn off your vehicle’s traction control feature, make sure that you know how it works and have some experience driving in slippery conditions before doing so.

Traction Magic – Snow Grippers For Tires

To get more traction on your car tires, you can also use a product called Traction Magic by Gaia Enterprise. This product helps you get traction in the snow and ice by adding a layer of non-slippery granules to your tires, so they don’t skid on the slippery ice layer. Traction Magic granules are like snow grippers for tires that provide immediate traction. The tiny spiky granules of the traction agent bite through the ice’s surface. Meanwhile, the absorber granules soak up the surface water that makes ice slick.

You can spray the granules on your car tires before driving in the freezing rain. It’ll help provide extra grip when you need it the most.


We hope this post has given you some insight into how to drive in freezing rain. It’s a dangerous condition for drivers, but there are steps you can take to make it safer. If possible, avoid driving until the weather clears up!

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