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How Can A Steep Driveway Be Kept Safe During Snowfall

safely walk on ice

The winter season requires different preparations to face the severe snowstorms and chilling weather. You may be preparing well by getting your fireplace checked & serviced, taking out warm clothes, and tools to remove snow from your driveway. Some major challenges of the season are to figure out how to walk on ice without slipping. It is important to take measures to safely walk on ice and prevent any unfortunate accidents. 

Ice becomes slippery due to the presence of thin layer of free water at its surface. This melting occurs beneath the moving object’s contact point with the ice due to the weight of the object. 

Now let’s see how we can add traction on tires and surfaces for safe commuting on the steep driveways in the winter.

Adding Traction For Walking

For walking, people try different tricks including ice grips for shoes so that they can safely walk on ice. These ice grippers for shoes work well on soft snow, but they work poorly on hard ice, which makes them less than ideal for walking around the streets in the winter. The hard metal coil spring doesn’t dig into the ice perfectly, rather it just slides on its surface.

The best solution for adding instant traction to safely walk on ice without slipping is to use traction agents. There are different types of products available in the market that you can use as traction agents. Their primary task is to absorb the excess water in the icy layer and provide some friction between the shoe and the ice.

Some commonly used traction agents are Walk on Ice, sand, Kitty litter, sawdust. 

Sand Kitty litter and sawdust are cheaper options, but they are also not that effective. Moreover, once the ice melts they become sticky and create a mess to clean afterward.

Walk on Ice, on the other hand, is very effective and composed of 100% natural constituents. It consists of two granules – absorbers and grippers. Absorbers absorb the excess water on the ice layer making it less slippery, and grippers penetrate the ice layer with their spike-like structure and provide friction between the shoes and ice. 

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

Adding Traction On The Tires

Winter tires are your best bet when it comes to getting more traction on the road during winters. The tread rubber of winter tires remains flexible even in extreme temperatures to provide you with better traction on the road. The rubber of all-season tires becomes stiff in cold weather and tends to skid more on the road.

However, even with winter tires, some stretches are tricky to drive in winters like a steep driveway incline. Walk on ice traction agent can also be handy in situations like these. You can apply the product on your tire surface to get the instant needed traction for your car

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

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