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Here’s What I Did When My Car Got Stuck In Snow

Car Stuck On Ice In Driveway

When you’re rushing to get to work or complete your urgent work, it’s easy to forget that winter driving isn’t the same as driving in the summer. Bald tires, tailgating, leaving home with nearly empty fuel, and driving at an accelerating speed have implications in the winter. When the weather is rough, it’s best not to go out at all. However, if you really must be on the icy surface, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most crucial things is to understand when is ice safe to walk on or drive.

When Is Ice Safe To Walk On?

Keep an eye on the ice. Examine the ice for any cracks, breaks, weak patches, or unusual surfaces. You can also check the color of the ice. You can’t only rely on your eyesight. Hence check the thickness of ice before venturing into it. Keep off any ice surface less than 4 inches in thickness. There are varying ice thickness recommendations as per the weight. You need to avoid melting ice as it can be quite deceiving.

What Did I Do When My Car Got Stuck In The Snow?

Here are some of the things which I did when my car got stuck in snow last winter.

Make Room For Tires By Clearing A Path Around Them.

I dug snow and ice away from the drive tires as much as possible. I cleared a few feet of snow from front and behind to move my automobile back and forth. I made sure to dig out any snow higher than my car’s ground clearance under the front or center. A snow shovel, of course, makes this much simpler, so I have one in my trunk. If you plan on driving in the ice, do keep a shovel handy. Moreover, my spikes for shoes to walk on ice helped me get a better footing but they are not comfortable footgear while driving. Hence I always wear a comfy set of warm and waterproof shoes for stress free driving

Get The Automobile Out Of The Snow By Rocking It.

Switching from drive to reverse slowly and carefully can help dislodge snow from around the wheels. Let’s take a step ahead. Return to your original position. Stop, then shift into forwarding gear and apply a small amount of gas. It helped me to tamp down loose snow and provide enough traction to get out.

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Don’t Slam On The Brakes.

When I was stranded in the snow, I was tempted to floor it. But don’t repeat my mistake. Take it softly on the gas pedal for a few seconds to give the vehicle a boost, then let off.

Boost Your Traction.

When stuck in the snow, you can use sandbags, salt, dirt, or even kitty litter. However, I used Walk on Ice. It is the best and most effective traction agent. It’s small enough to fit in your emergency kit or glove compartment. You may also use it to increase traction by rubbing it on your tires. If you get stuck in the snow like me, don’t forget to turn off the traction control.

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Take Help In Pushing Your Vehicle.

Pushing your automobile out of the snow can be a simple solution if you have other passengers in your car or sympathetic passersby who can assist. Fortunately for me, I was having my friends with me. But I did not need their help as my traction agent and a bit of shoveling was enough to resolve the issue. To create more momentum, gently press the gas pedal.


It is a common occurrence to get stuck in icy terrain during the winter months. But with your effective driving and traction agent, you can overcome this situation just like me.

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