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Freezing Rain Is More Deadly Than You Think: Driving Tips

snow traction for tires

Freezing rain is basically just rain that freezes to the ground after hitting the ground (or your windshield). It’s not uncommon in winter months, and it can be incredibly dangerous if you’re not prepared for it.

You may have heard that freezing rain is less dangerous than snow because it doesn’t accumulate on the road like snow does. But this isn’t true! Freezing rain can actually be worse than snow because it causes roads to become slick and slippery—and when we’re talking about driving, every little bit counts when you’re trying to get where you need to go safely! In this article, we will discuss driving tips and how snow traction for tires can help in freezing rain.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

If You Have To Be On The Road, Drive Slowly And Keep Your Headlights On.

If you’re driving in freezing rain, keep your headlights on. This will help you see the road ahead of you and avoid sliding off of it. It’s also important to drive slowly so that your tires have time to grip the road whenever they hit patches of ice. If possible, avoid sudden starts and stops because these cause your car’s rear tires to lose traction with the ground which can lead to loss of control in slippery conditions.

Be Very Careful In The First Hour Of Freezing Rain.

You’re driving down the road when it starts to rain. You look out of your windshield, and you see that it’s snowing. You think to yourself, “It’s just a little bit of snow.” Then, as you drive further into the storm and realize how bad things have gotten, you begin to think about your options for getting home safely.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

De-Icer Can Help Your Car Get Traction On Icy Roads.

De-icer can help get your car moving on icy roads. Be careful with what you use, though. Only use de-icer in the tire wells and never on windshields or windows. Salt is hydroscopic (that means it will absorb moisture), so it can cause damage to paint. Similarly be cautious with other chemical-based ice melts.


Snow Traction For Tires- Traction Magic 

To get more traction on your car tires, you can also use a product called Traction Magic by Gaia Enterprise. This product helps you get traction in the snow and ice by adding a layer of non-slippery granules to your tires, so they don’t skid on the slippery ice layer. Traction Magic granules are like snow grippers for tires that provide immediate traction. The tiny spiky granules of the traction agent bite through the ice’s surface. Meanwhile, the absorber granules soak up the surface water that makes ice slick. This is how you get snow traction for tires.

You can spray the granules on your car tires before driving in the freezing rain. It’ll help provide extra grip when you need it the most.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


We think these tips will help you stay safe on the road during a freezing rain event. But remember, no one is going to be perfect driving on ice tips. If you feel like you’re not ready for driving in bad weather then it’s best to find alternative ways of getting where you need to go (like using public transportation). At the end of the day, safety is paramount!

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