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During A Blizzard, What To Do

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It’s winter, and if you live in a snowy area, you’re likely going to experience a blizzard at some point. These storms are dangerous for many reasons: They typically bring strong winds and heavy snowfall (or rain in other areas), which can create unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike. If your area is hit with one of these winter storms, here’s what what to put on icy sidewalks and what you need to know about how to prepare for it — before it hits — during the storm itself — after it passes over your city or town.

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What To Put On Icy Sidewalks

Traction Magic is a handy disposable canister that provides instant traction on snow and ice. It is free of salts and chlorides and works well on any surface, including new concrete and decking. It is granular in consistency and helps absorb the water and provide a grip by holding onto the ice or snow to create a non-slip surface. It remains on the ground for a long time and does not harm the environment.

An Hour Before A Snowstorm

Check your emergency supplies. Make sure you have enough food and water, flashlights, batteries, blankets and other items that might be useful in an emergency. If you live in a region where tornadoes are likely to occur during spring months, make sure you have a tornado safety kit with supplies such as rope or chain cutters.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Check your car’s tires and fluids. These precautions can help keep you on the road during an ice storm (or prevent one from happening in the first place). If it does happen though—you know what to do!

Have a plan for where you will go if you can’t get home due to snow drifts or impassable roads. It’s best not to wait until after the event has begun before figuring this out—you’ll be able to prepare more effectively in advance by knowing exactly where everyone is going beforehand instead of scrambling around when things start getting bad outside!


When A Blizzard Hits

Blizzards can create hazardous road conditions, which makes driving extremely dangerous during a blizzard. If you must travel, do so only if absolutely necessary and drive slowly. If you have to drive in these conditions, keep your car well-groomed (cleaned off of snow and ice) so that it is visible for other drivers on the road.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

After A Blizzard

Do not use a generator indoors. Even if you’re careful, carbon monoxide can build up in your home without proper ventilation.

Don’t use candles or lanterns indoors during power outages because they can cause fires. If you must have light at night, use battery-powered flashlights instead of open flames like candles or kerosene lamps.

Consider staying with family or friends in case your home becomes inaccessible due to snow accumulation or flooding. You may also want to consider bringing pets inside where they will be warm and safe from any severe weather conditions that might occur outside (like thunderstorms).


We hope that we’ve been able to give you some helpful tips on what to put on icy sidewalks during a blizzard. We know what it’s like to be stuck inside and there are plenty of ways to make the best out of it. Even if you can’t go outside, we have lots of suggestions for how you can still enjoy yourself indoors! Remember: stay safe, stay warm, and have fun!

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