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Don’t Salt Your New Concrete: Use This Instead

Alternatives To Salt Based Ice Melt

Homeowners in the cold regions use piles of rock salt on their driveways each winter to prevent ice slips. You require increased traction for walking on ice or else it might lead to slip and fall accidents. But rock salt is not the best product to provide safe conditions for walking on snow and ice. Rock salt damages your driveway concrete and hurts your pets and kids. 

Therefore, let us find some better alternatives to salt-based ice melt that can provide us the required traction for walking on ice. 

Why Avoid Rock Salt On New Concrete?

Ice melts containing chloride-based salts can cause damage to concrete—particularly new concrete. After the snowfall ice starts to melt, the water that soaks in the concrete could refreeze when the temperature starts dropping in the evening. The water then expands when the temperature drops, which can cause tiny cracks in the concrete. The expansion of water can especially be more damaging for new concrete, which is hard and takes up to a year to dry out.

Better Alternatives to Salt for safely walking on snow and ice

  • Traction Agent

Traction agents like Walk on Ice provide instant traction for walking on ice. They don’t melt the ice, but they increase the friction between the surface of the ice and your foot. The tiny spiky granules in Walk on Ice bite through the ice surface while absorber granules soak up the surface water that causes ice to be slick. When you spread it, you instantly have a safe surface for walking on snow and ice. Moreover, it is non-toxic to humans, pets, and environment-friendly. Walk on ice is made of 100% natural micronutrients, and you can easily sweep it away in your green area without any worries about plants and vegetation.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

  • Electric or gas-powered snow blowers

These are suitable for large areas, and they can easily remove snow from walkways and drives. They are comparatively easy to use and are not that hard on your back, unlike shovels.

  • Kitty litter

Kitty litter is another commonly used traction agent. But, it is not that effective in providing increased traction, and it is a huge mess to clean afterward. 

  • Spikes for shoes to walk on ice

The spikes or ice cleats for shoes give you traction and avoid slip and fall incidents while you are out in the snow. But the same factor that makes ice cleats a safety tool outside makes them dangerous indoors if you do not remove them. When worn indoors on hard surfaces such as tile, ceramic, linoleum, sealed concrete, or epoxy, these cleats become a serious slip danger. 


The Walk on ice gives you immediate traction without harming your property and environment. It is easy to carry and works well in all conditions. It will avoid any slip and fall incidents while taking care of the environment and your premises.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

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