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Do You REALLY Need A Traction Agent?

Safely Walk On Ice

Tens of thousands of people are hurt each year when they fall on snow or ice, with many suffering catastrophic injuries. The majority of falls happen at or near home, on flat but slick terrain.

Many times you may need to cross the icy or snowy surface as soon as possible without the risk of injury. Then what is your best option? It cannot be the ice melters as they will not give you instant results. While you might be asking questions like how thick should ice be to walk on you should answer instead is there anything better than ice melt that can help me safely walk on ice?

Let’s Understand The Reason Behind Slipperiness On Ice

Ice is slippery because there is always a thin layer of free water on the surface of the ice. The slipping process begins when an object moves across the ice and slips on this open water. Due to a phenomenon known as “pressure melting,” the sliding accelerates.

Traditional Solution

Ice melt with rock salt are the traditional ice melting products. The advantage is that rock salt and alternative ice melt will melt ice in most conditions if given enough time while giving traction.

There are two crucial drawbacks. First, most contain substances that irritate the skin, eyes, mouth, and throat, such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. Second, in excessive quantities, they are fatal. Humans, pets, and wildlife are all in danger. They do not function in very cold conditions.

But the biggest drawback is that ice melt products do not work instantly.

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How To Safely Walk On Ice Then?

As we know that ice melt products take a long time to melt, and the treated area gets increasingly slippery as the ice melts away. Moreover, the chlorides of these products harm surfaces, pets, and plants. They can also seep into water bodies thus, damaging aquatic life. Concrete damage and metal corrosion are other side-effects of these products.

An instant traction agent like Walk on Ice will work immediately to avoid any slip and fall incident. It has salt-free, natural ingredients hence is safe for all.

How To Add Traction: The Best Possible Way?

Walk-on is a traction agent composed of all natural ingredients.

You need not think how thick the ice should be to walk on. Ice could be spread safely on any surface and deliver rapid ice traction while remaining safe to handle. Its manufacturer Gaia enterprise had also petitioned for a patent on its traction compound.

It has naturally occurring volcanic material that conquers the ice rather than removing it. Working with the new understanding of “why ice is slippery,” Gaia was able to envision the path to making an icy surface that was “non-slide.”

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

The geo crystals for this product are obtained from mines across the United States and processed into the final product. The crystals work in two ways- absorbers and grippers. The absorbers act like a sponge and soak the slippery thin water layer. The grippers bury themselves into the ice, providing a non-slip surface known as the sandpaper effect.

The product can also absorb oil, urine, blood, and other liquids. If you are using it to absorb water only, you can re-use the product. Sweep it, put it in your emergency kit, and save money.

Other Ice Melt Products

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