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Solving Transportation on Ice


Transport is one of the most significant aids to trade as it helps to improve the value of products by creating place utility. For effective transportation, a community must have the way, the unit of carriage and mode of propulsion. The million-dollar question, is it possible to have the above necessities of effective transport in an ice-caped surface? Several proposals have been put forward to try and unlock this puzzle. Such as the use of mechanical methods like (pushing or scraping), heating, use of dry or liquid chemicals or a hodge-podge of all these practices. Roads, as well as railways, suffer these predicaments and none can be used as a substitute for the other. Aircrafts are not left behind in the quagmire either. They may crash at any moment when they are faced with ice build up and snowfall. The following review seeks to suggest a possible way out of the transport challenge in the article and related spheres of influence.

More than De icer

In the quest to have safe and productive passages on icy surfaces, scholars have proposed the use of de icer components. Bodies such as the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters Association advocate for the application of Mgcl2 solution to help control snow and ice problems. However, the effects of this kind of salt on the environment are devastating.

Best Practices

Gaia Enterprises has invented Traction Magic, an ice traction agent that adds traction combined with a de icing component that can guarantee safety to travelers who are plying slippery surfaces with minimal side effects.

How Traction Magic works and its composition

The de icer is made of a 2-part natural granule system that works as a set of absorbers and grippers.

To begin the process, the absorbers pick up the liquid layer above the ice surface. Then the grippers embed themselves into the ice using their spike-like protrusions.

Advantages of Traction Magic agent’s products

Effect on environment

Compared to the traditional common salt used to deice the hoary areas, these substances pose very little damage to nature. Vegetation will not be harmed in the process, air pollution, as well as water pollution, will be of little worry if this technique is adopted.

Insignificant side effects on human beings and other animals

The company has designed a mechanism that adopts a natural approach to melting ice leaving behind little challenges to human life. This architecture can even be used on cars and sidewalks where people and pets directly come into contact with it.

Impact on property

It is made with the following constructions in mind: bridges, decks, beams/crossbeams, diaphragms, abutments, piers, and piles. It poses minimal damage to reinforced concrete walls

Scope of application

This product can be used by individual homeowners, government institutions and real estate private developers without any legal tussle with the environmentalists.


The product sells internationally and can be ordered via the internet or accessed in the retail outlets across the globe. It is also readily available as its production takes place in large-scale.


Since the product is designed mostly from locally available natural raw materials, it sells at relatively lower prices.


In case you need an efficient and effective de icer, Traction Magic our best suggestion as it contains no corrosive salts, chemicals or dyes. The manufacturers themselves are also known for their mission of sustainability, making one confident that de icer will meet the international standard specifications.

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