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Black Ice: Driving Tips, Safety Info, And Accident Prevention

snow traction for cars

Every year, with nearly 117,000 people getting injured in ice-related accidents, it is essential to maintain traction in snow at all times. Black ice is a troublesome thin, invisible layer that is difficult to see and equally challenging to maneuver.

With multiple incidences every year, we want to highlight some quick and fundamental points that will help you overcome the difficulties of black ice this winter. 

Driving Tips To Stay Safe On Black Ice 

  • Don’t Speed

Do not speed on any open road, even if it is tempting. Since we cannot see black ice, it isn’t easy to figure until the vehicle starts rolling out of control or skidding. Winter is not the time to accelerate your dreams and wishes of overtaking or driving on empty roads. 

  • Snow Traction For Cars

Get the proper snow tire grips such as snow chains or unique snow socks fitted on your tires to help you drive smoothly on black ice. It will increase the snow traction for cars and help you drive more carefully. 

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  • Blinkers 

Keep your car blinkers on while driving on empty roads to let the car behind you know of your presence. However, do not tail the vehicle if they skid and you crash into them. Instead, keep moving safely and watch the other cars blinkers. 

  • Emergency Kit 

Always keep an emergency kit ready in your car. It must include- gloves, flashlight, first-aid kit, enough water, non-perishable food, warm clothes and blankets, traction product such as Traction Magic, etc. 

  • Hitting Black Ice 

If you do cross black ice, you must decelerate your car and reduce the speed of your vehicle by slowly removing your foot off the gas pedal. Do not apply the brake or accelerate as it may swing your car more. 

Instead, keep the vehicle moving in the direction you want to go and if you start slipping or losing your grip on the road, find a place such as a grassy patch or snow to go towards. 

It is basic safety information to maintain traction in snow and help you wade through black ice every winter. It is best to look for signs and stop boards while traveling in black ice-prone areas and slow down.

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  • Footwear

Even though you are traveling in the car, it is essential to wear appropriate footwear in an emergency. Wearing deep tread boots will keep your feet warm and help you walk on black ice too. You can further increase the grip by scuffing up your shoe soles before heading out in freezing weather conditions again. 


There are several ways to gain snow traction for cars, and we have highlighted a few crucial ones that you must keep in mind. Unfortunately, black ice is dangerous and fatal in some cases. Therefore, it is best to keep your traction product, Traction Magic, along with the essentials mentioned above to help wade through black ice quickly.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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