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Best Way To Increase Traction On New Concrete Without Using Salt

how to walk on ice without falling?

If you have a new concrete driveway, it’s time to reassess your ice and snow melting methods before the snow season. Because it’s cheap and effective, rock salt (sodium chloride) is frequently the first deicing product used by homeowners. However, it is highly corrosive, causing severe damage to concrete surfaces and posing a risk to pets and plant life. 

Fortunately, various alternate deicing methods and solutions will work just as well and not damage your concrete. You can also take preventative measures to safeguard your concrete from dangerous road salts and freeze-thaw damage before winter hits. Here are some of your alternatives on how to walk on ice without falling.

Sand Or Kitty Litter

As for traction agents, sand or kitty litter are utilized, although they are not very effective. Sand does not absorb water but instead flows with it. Therefore, it cannot be very polite for your freshly laid concrete. Moreover, it clogs the drain and makes your front yard a sandy mess.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

Kitty litter absorbs water and then generates a huge mess. When the ice melts, you’re left with sticky clay lumps that adhere to your shoes and make a mess all over the place.

Walk On Ice

There are two sorts of granules in this product. The absorbers soak the free water on the ice’s surface while the gripper burrows into the ice and improves walking traction. When compared to rock salt, Walk on Ice gives rapid traction. It is made of natural mineral ingredients and, unlike chlorides, has no adverse effect on the surface and environment.

Walk On Ice is entirely non-toxic, chemical-free, and pet-friendly. It’s made up entirely of compounds that are perfectly safe to use around dogs, children, and plants. In addition, it comes in a disposable can that is easy to carry. You can take it in your bag or gloves compartment of your vehicle and use it anywhere, anytime, and at any temperature.

You can also use it for safe driving in the winter months. Before taking out a vehicle on a slippery surface, rub its granules on the tires and enjoy your ride.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

Ice Boots And Cleats

These items are either spiked boots or cleats that connect to footwear or are accessories that attach to footwear. But there is no surety of non-slip walk-on ice boots. But you need to ensure that you are buying the right size and using them correctly.

Even though they help you walk on ice, they have the disadvantage of being difficult to put on. Steel chains, cleats, and spikes slide readily on inner areas. They become a slip-and-fall hazard on tile and polished concrete, hence need to be taken off while entering premises. 


Most ice melts consist of chlorides in one form or the other. These chemicals are highly corrosive and will do irreversible damage to your new concrete. So, as a new concrete owner, say no to harsh chemicals and abrasive traction agents. You are never sure of a non-slip walk on ice boots without proper traction. Choose a safe traction agent like Walk On Ice to protect your new concrete and avoid slip and fall injury.

Other Ice Melt Products

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