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6 Ice Melters Safe For Concrete: Protect Your Surfaces This Winter

Ice Melters Safe For Concrete

Winter’s icy grip often calls for the use of deicers, but not all are friends to your concrete surfaces. Let’s navigate the ice melters safe for concrete, spotlighting six products that keep your concrete safe. We’ll uncover the less-talked-about side of popular brands of ice melt concrete safe, and introduce Traction Magic as a savvy alternative for when traditional ice melts fall short.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Navigating The Ice Melt Market: A Concrete Approach

Choosing ice melters safe for concrete feels like walking on thin ice. Here, we delve into some well-known brands, revealing what lurks beneath their icy exterior.

  • Safe Paw- Safe Paw is an eco-friendly and pet-safe deicer. It’s non-toxic and does not damage concrete or vegetation. Safe Paw stands out as a commendable choice for those seeking a pet-safe and environmentally friendly ice melt solution. Its unique chloride-free, non-toxic formula ensures that it’s safe even if ingested by pets, setting a standard in the industry for pet safety. Safe Paw’s commitment to creating a product that is as harmless to our furry friends as it is effective against ice is truly noteworthy. It provides peace of mind to pet owners, knowing they are using a product that prioritizes the well-being of their animals without compromising on ice-melting efficiency.
  • Iceaway Rock Salt – The Sodium Chloride Saga Continues: IceAway might make ice go away, but it can also take chunks of your concrete along. This sodium chloride champion is not exactly a concrete whisperer.
  • Safe Step’s Magnesium Chloride – Not So ‘Safe’ After All?: Touted for being better than sodium chloride, magnesium chloride in Safe Step might still throw a surprise party for your concrete, and not the good kind.
  • Pro Slicer’s Sodium Chloride – Slicing More Than Just Ice: Pro Slicer might be great at breaking down ice, but it’s also skilled at breaking down the integrity of your concrete over time.
  • Ice Patrol’s Salty March: Marching on with sodium chloride, Ice Patrol does its job but may leave a trail of concrete distress.
  • Diamond Crystal Winter Melt – A Not-So-Precious Effect on Concrete: Despite its shiny name, Diamond Crystal can leave your concrete surfaces looking less than stellar, thanks to our not-so-favorite, sodium chloride.


Traction Magic: The Hero Your Concrete Needs

When the usual suspects leave your concrete surfaces wanting better days, Traction Magic steps in as the hero. It’s not just another ice melter; it’s a winter warrior, offering instant traction without any of the corrosive drama.

  • Instant Heroics: Traction Magic jumps into action immediately, providing traction where salts falter.
  • Concrete’s Best Friend: Unlike the sodium and magnesium chloride brigade, it’s a safe haven for concrete surfaces.
  • Nature’s Ally: Being 100% natural, it’s the environmentally-friendly sidekick you need.
  • Black Ice’s Arch-Nemesis: Where traditional ice melters bow down, Traction Magic stands tall, effective even on treacherous black ice.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


In the frosty tale of winter woes, not all ice melters are the heroes they claim to be. While brands like CryoMelt, IceAway, and others offer solutions that are not supposed to be ice melters safe for concrete, they often come with a hidden cost to your concrete surfaces. Traction Magic, on the other hand, ensures you don’t have to choose between safety and surface integrity. This winter, arm yourself with knowledge and choose a product that protects both your walkways and the world under your feet.

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