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4 Proven Tips For Walking Safely Across Ice

Winter Lessons How To Walk On Ice,

During the winters slipping on the slick icy layer is a big concern. Every year several people get injured due to slip and fall accidents in the winter season. Sometimes these accidents can cause serious injuries, and that’s why here we are having our winter lessons on how to walk on ice. Winters are long, and walking on snow is inevitable if you’re going out of your house after a snow storm.

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 proven tips that can help you to walk on ice without slipping.

1. Move Slowly

This one is the most common and practical advice for you to walk on ice without slipping. Move steadily on a slippery surface, and the key is trying to keep force applied to the ground more vertically, so there’s less force forward and backward. Forward and backward movement requires more friction and traction that is almost nil on a slippery icy layer.

Be a Penguin if you want to walk on ice without slipping – Extend arms to your side to keep your balance and lower your gravity center. Keep your hands out of your pockets, so you can break your fall with your hands if you start to slip. Keep your knees loose like a penguin.

2. Avoid Slopes And Stairs If You Can

Slippery slopes are dangerous and are very difficult to cross. Use shoe spikes or hold on to some support going on the sides for getting a safe passage.

Stairs can be really treacherous, but we know it’s not always possible to avoid them. While walking on the stairs, make sure to use handrails, keep your hands free to break the fall if it happens, and walk slowly.

3. Use Traction Agents

Ice becomes slippery due to the presence of a melted layer of water on its surface. Therefore any agent that removes this excess water and gives a rough surface for better grip is ideal for improving traction on the surface. Walk on Ice is composed of geo crystals and contains two types of granules. 

The absorber granules maximize the absorption of the free water on the surface of the ice, and the gripper granules with their spiky structure bury themselves into the ice and create better traction for walking. Walk on Ice is an extremely helpful product when you need traction immediately and can’t wait for the ice to melt.

Some other organic traction agents are kitty litter, sawdust, sand, etc. These traction agents are not that effective and create a lot of mess to clean afterward.

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4. Use Anti-Slip Boot Spikes 

Some people also use ice grips for shoes, so they don’t have to walk like a penguin in the street. These ice grippers for shoes work well on soft snow, but the hard metal coil spring doesn’t dig into the hard ice surface perfectly, rather it just slides on its surface.

Another problem is that these steel grippers are almost as slippery on the hard surface (like tiles) as bare shoes on an ice layer. Therefore, you need to put them on and off while walking on the street and indoors respectively.


These are some of the great tips to make you walk safely on the slippery ice in this winter season. You can adopt some or all to avoid any unfortunate incident.

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