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3 Interesting Ways I Use Walk On Ice

How To Use Walk On Ice

Conditions and unknown or invisible elements can make ice that appears to be safe suddenly become treacherous. If you are stuck in such a condition, how can you overcome this slippery winter woe?

There is a cure for this winter problem that we all have to face every winter, Traction Magic. Before I tell you how I use this product for instant grip, let us understand how much ice is safe to walk on and when is ice safe to walk on.

How Much Ice Is Safe To Walk On?

At a thickness of 4 to 6 inches, ice becomes “safe.” Do not walk on ice that is 3″ thick or less. Even at a thickness of 9″ – 10″, however, there may be unforeseen problems such as a moving current beneath the ice that is weakening the underside. Even the thickness of the ice isn’t a fair sign of safety in this case, as it could collapse at any time. Ice strength depends on many factors, such as age, distance to shore, river outlets and inlets, obstructions like rocks, trees, and plants, and water currents.

3 Interesting Ways I Use Walk On Ice

1. Around My House

Walk on ice is essential to have on hand every winter to prevent ice from forming unexpectedly around the home. When I use Walk on ice, it starts working right away. I use it to avoid falls on slick surfaces on almost any surface around my house, including driveway, sidewalk, deck, and even roof. 

It will not damage any of my home’s components. Walk on ice is salt-free and safe for my pets and children. Traditional traction agents contain salt and other toxic elements that can cause long-term damage to my home. These chemicals are also harmful to kids and pets. Walk on ice is made of micronutrients. They allow the product to be swept into the lawn or garden for greener grass and a lush garden in the spring.

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2. Around My Business

Having a business during the winter months might be stressful due to the possibility of slips and falls on the sidewalks or roads surrounding your establishment. With Walk on ice, I have no worries. I spread it all along the sidewalks and doorways leading up to my business. 

It reduces on-site injuries, accidents, and lawsuits while keeping my business safe and accessible during winter.

3. Walk On Ice In My Vehicle. 

Driving and becoming stranded on an icy surface with your car tires spinning owing to a lack of traction is a terrifying prospect. It was one of the most crucial issues I faced every winter while driving to work. 

Walk on ice gives my car tires quick traction on ice and snow. When I get home or at my destination in an icy condition, having Walk on ice in my automobile provides me with a stable footing. With this product, I don’t have to worry about being stuck in the snow without any assistance.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


Observing the color of the ice, evaluating its thickness, and being aware of external elements such as temperature, local weather, and local expertise can all help determine its potential safety. If you’re unsure, don’t go out on the ice and, in case you need to go out, use Walk on ice for sure footing.

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