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Rock Salt Alternatives


Are there effective Rock salt alternatives? Yes. It is common knowledge that too much salt is not good for us, and it is not good for the environment either. Rock salt is easy to apply, cheap and effective but it brings in a lot of harm than good. It is toxic to vegetation and animals. Once it gets into the ground, it is there to stay. As much as using a shovel could be the safest way to get rid of snow from sidewalks and driveways. Sometimes it is too tiring. This is why de-icers are in the market, they are products used to clear snow and provide traction. Rock salt is one of the cheapest options used to achieve this. Though cheap and effective, this option comes with serious consequences. This article focuses on these drawbacks and offers better alternatives to rock salt.

Why choose to use Rock Salt Alternatives?

Rock salt works by lowering water freezing point. It enables water to withstand low temperatures without solidifying into ice. However, this only works up to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit making rock salt infective.

  1. When rock salt poured on snow, it seeps into the ground and mixes with water. This leads to excessive water contamination.
  2. Using rock salt leads to oxidation that in turn causes surfaces to rust and corrode.
  3. Large amounts of rock salt causes damage to vegetation and pose great danger to pets and other animals. When applied on sidewalks and other concrete surfaces, it is absorbed and causes flaking and scaling.

What are some effective rock salt alternatives?

There are several safe ice melt products formulated to do this job. They are easy to handle and are easily available. Below are some of these alternatives to try:

Snow-melt mat. These mats are design in such a way that they radiate heat upwards and they use electricity. Put them on pathways and driveways to prevent slip and fall accidents. Consider investing in a snow-melt mat.

An Electric-Powered Snow Blowers machine is also a decent alternative to rock salt when you want to clear snow and ice during winter.

Heated mats is also a good substitute. They lay on the surface of your walkway and melt away snow as it land.

Potassium chloride is also another alternative to rock salt. It is considered less harmful to the environment. But quite expensive since you will need a large amount of the pallets to cover a small area.

For people living in regions with temperatures as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit, Potassium Acetate is an effective alternative.

Here is a list of environmental friendly products that are effective at melting ice. They are natural rock salt alternatives you can use:


This is another solid alternative to rock salt. Apart from dealing with ice, it also provides good traction. Apart from the fact that it does not pose any harm to animals and to the environment. It is cheap and easy to clean afterwards.


Typically, this product is used in the production of fertilizer. It happens be an ice melt agent and an great alternative to rock salt. It performs quite as good though with an advantage of being less poisonous.


They provide a convenient alternative to rock salt. Ashes offer good traction and melts ice fast.

Beet juice

This purple fluid is popular for use in large areas. Its application is also effective in dealing with snow during winter season.

In conclusion, when seeking to get rock salt alternatives, safety should be the primary concern. It is important to make the right decision when picking an alternative to rock salt. Traction Magic is the leading alternative. It is all natural product and guarantees safety. It works well in all temperatures and it will never cause damage to concrete, and plants.