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Road Salt

Research and studies have shown that road salt has detrimental effects on the environment, especially to the health of organisms exposed to it. This is where Traction Magic comes in.


The earth we live is in an never ending cycle of changes as we get to huge climatic changes with regards to seasons. Over the years and due to advancements in science and technology humans have come up with ways to ensure easy living and adaptability to the environment. Drastic weather changes like snow limit transportation and mobility of all people and thus the need for Road Salt. The product works much more like a “catalyst”, speeding up the process of ice melting hence applied on pathways and and property where snow is unwanted.

Over the years, research and studies have shown that road salt has some detrimental effects on the environment especially to the health of organisms exposed to it. This is where TractionMagic comes into play. The product, a gift from Gaia , has undergone careful testing and screening to ensure that the previous effects that users experienced before are minimized to the least frequency possible. Some of the areas of exposure to the Road Salt.

1. Water Quality

Snow comes as a result of tiny ice crystals formed moisture present in the air and preexisting low temperatures. From this, it can be easily determined that the major component is water. Part of the composition of most road salts is chlorine. Once the product is applied as intended and the ice melts away as part of its objectives, the chlorine still remains in the water in small concentrated amounts. In cases where there is continuous use of the road salt, chlorine concentrations are prone to increase and once spring sets, water sources will have high levels of chlorine impurities. High concentrations interfere with oxygen circulation in water bodies which interfere with aquatic life.

2. Human, Vegetation and Pet Life

High concentrations of Sodium Chloride, a component in road salts is unhealthy to humans especially to individuals experiencing hypertension, if exposed to already water from salted snow . Pets have not been left behind as the side effects range from paw infections, loss of appetites, vomiting etc. Due to the chemical properties of the water contaminated with high concentrations of Sodium Chloride also increase the osmosis effect: the ability of cells in living organisms drawing water from their environment. If plants are exposed to saline water, it is expected that the plants will wither in the long term.

3. Infrastructure

Basic chemistry states that any material that is continuously exposed to a saline environment is prone to rusting and corrosion. Rock salts spreads up the ware and tear of most buildings, drainage systems and things like cars. The same salted snow will sooner or later evaporate and through process like condensation and oxidation, the damage to property is irreversible if not properly contained.

Traction Ice Melter pacifies the effects of using normal road salt: with its modified amide core and glycol admixture, the whole process of snow melting has become much safer. Some of the safety features and benefits of using the product include:

– The presence of both the crystalline core and the glycol admixture reduce the surface tension of the snow, destabilizing the ice and increasing the rate of ice melting.

-The product can be used in any temperature as it acts a solar panel, attracting heat that also speeding up the heating process

– It is also economical due to the fact that the traction agents present in the product prevent ice from sticking onto the surface for a minimum of 3 days after use.

– Elements present in the Traction Ice Melter are safe when exposed to both human and aquatic life, taking into consideration that the chlorine in rock salts in not found in Traction.

Having all these information handed to you gives a consumer some perspective as to the effects of using untested and approved rock salts on our environment. TractionMagic road salt has passed all the necessary tests that once may think of before indulging into its effects to our environment and if you are one to take facts into consideration, the making a wise decision will not be that much of a problem after reading this article.